Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Client service

I've been in business for three years now. I have great clients and colleagues. I've had one bad client experience where they don't pay their invoices and I had to cut the relationship.
What I learned from this:
- trust your gut feeling-I was cautious from the beginning with this ex-client
- be cautious when every employee has 'run out of gas' working with someone. This is a cover for bigger problems in a company.
- walk away from a contract with clauses for non-disparagement; there's a reason a person includes that in a contract.
- complete due diligence-including checking with the county courts for arrests or lawsuits. This was something that would have given me important information with the ex-client.

-And last, investigate, using the web-to find past business dealings that have gone poorly with the person.

In three years, to have one bad client is not a bad go of it...and I'm confident in the overall business cliemate for people and companies with integrity.

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