Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Public Accounting is the same

I had a phone discussion yesterday with a colleague from a board that I serve in the non profit/mental health sector. My colleague is a manager/senior manager at Ernst & Young in Chicago and I was on the receiving end of what I've experienced a few times in my career from a Big 4 manager. Pure arrogance...

This manager was telling me that he can't participate on board calls for a non-profit we serve together, even though he volunteered and is the Treasurer...because he works until 8 every night. I told him it's a matter of priorities, and that he chooses to serve the firm, and not the board he volunteered to help.

I work independently, but he reminded me that he has paying clients and a boss to answer to. I told him those are excuses and the discussion eroded.

My takeaway...he's part of a very important firm and has an important job; and I don't understand. But, I've worked in Big 4 and I know exactly what he's trying to justify-he's trying to make an impression to get to partner level. I'm confident that I'm not the first to tell him to consider his priorities.

Remember...we all have choices EVERY DAY of our lives.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

VouchedIn is moving toward launch May 2012

Well, we expect to formally launch VouchedIn next month. If you're reading this blog, we'd appreciate if you'd go to and 'Join'. Then, send us an email to let us know how the join process works and any challenges you find with creating a profile.

We're excited to be talking with a talented and experienced recruiter to help us get the site in front of companies. We're confident that once people visit the site and realize the potential here, they'll find immediate value in using our service.

Thanks for visiting us!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

VouchedIn is in prelaunch

We continue testing on the site. While it's live, there are many tweaks coming in the next week or so. Then we'll be asking Contractors and Employers to sign up, at no cost. The strength of the network will grow as more join!

VouchedIn will charge a fraction of the cost of recruiters; Contractors are pre-screened (Vouched) and Employers are pre-screened as well.

It's an exciting journey! We liken it to pushing recruiters for contract accounting professionals to the sides like travel agents of days gone by...

After all, it's not a relationship business, it's a Connection business...

Monday, March 12, 2012

VouchedIn is coming...

Today, we placed the pre-launch site on and will evaluate and start to get the word out. This is an exciting stage as we create the premier site for connecting contract accounting professionals with employers.

Better rates for Contractors
Greater value for Employers
Transparency in Rates between the Parties

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Client service

I've been in business for three years now. I have great clients and colleagues. I've had one bad client experience where they don't pay their invoices and I had to cut the relationship.
What I learned from this:
- trust your gut feeling-I was cautious from the beginning with this ex-client
- be cautious when every employee has 'run out of gas' working with someone. This is a cover for bigger problems in a company.
- walk away from a contract with clauses for non-disparagement; there's a reason a person includes that in a contract.
- complete due diligence-including checking with the county courts for arrests or lawsuits. This was something that would have given me important information with the ex-client.

-And last, investigate, using the web-to find past business dealings that have gone poorly with the person.

In three years, to have one bad client is not a bad go of it...and I'm confident in the overall business cliemate for people and companies with integrity.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monday, December 20, 2010

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