Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Public Accounting is the same

I had a phone discussion yesterday with a colleague from a board that I serve in the non profit/mental health sector. My colleague is a manager/senior manager at Ernst & Young in Chicago and I was on the receiving end of what I've experienced a few times in my career from a Big 4 manager. Pure arrogance...

This manager was telling me that he can't participate on board calls for a non-profit we serve together, even though he volunteered and is the Treasurer...because he works until 8 every night. I told him it's a matter of priorities, and that he chooses to serve the firm, and not the board he volunteered to help.

I work independently, but he reminded me that he has paying clients and a boss to answer to. I told him those are excuses and the discussion eroded.

My takeaway...he's part of a very important firm and has an important job; and I don't understand. But, I've worked in Big 4 and I know exactly what he's trying to justify-he's trying to make an impression to get to partner level. I'm confident that I'm not the first to tell him to consider his priorities.

Remember...we all have choices EVERY DAY of our lives.

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